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Our Mission

We want to provide tools to let God work through you. To not only help you get through your struggles, but to open doors to share his word.

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Share your Faith

As Christian’s we sometimes struggle with how to initiate a conversation about our faith. It’s amazing the opportunities that will open up.

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Stay Strong

It’s amazing how wearing a wristband can remind you who you are truly living for. How a few simple words can help get you through a day.

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Venice High School football game with HIS STRENGTH NOT MiNE apparel.
I can’t really tell you how surreal this is to me. Seeing this ministry grow from a small seed of a vision, to a website devoted to proclaiming the empowering promise we have in Philippians 4:13…..”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Several months ago I was playing with some ideas on how I could combine my Faith, with my Personal Training business, and came up with the idea of a Jesus/Christian fish with muscles. I wasn’t sure about the concept …

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